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Original Music

James White has published 9 CDs of original music; Postcards from Seven Mile Beach, Life in the Laidback Lane, Sandbar Serenade, Tropical Trader, Sky Sand Water Moon, Tropicool, KISS,Flotsam and Jetsam and Rum Shoes. With the recent release of FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, James White’s collection of self-published music includes 9 studio CDs and three live recordings. 

James writes what he knows.  In 1988 a temporary band gig took him to Grand Cayman where he enthusiastically embraced the laidback island lifestyle, and picked up the moniker "Sunny Jim" from a band mate. When the band returned to Nashville, he stayed on as the artist-in-residence at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman, one of the finest resorts in the Caribbean. Cayman is a crossroads for travelers from all over the world, and Sunny Jim met real characters who have ended up in his songs. 

“Blame it on the Rum” a track from his Life in the Laid Back Lane CD was written and recorded for the Paramount movie “The Firm” filmed on location at the Hyatt in Grand Cayman. James has a small cameo appearance in the film. 

In 1998 Radio Margaritaville traveled to Grand Cayman to broadcast James White’s show live on the internet from Seven Mile Beach. He has been a regular in Radio Margaritaville’s line-up since then.